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Actress,  voice over artist and good person.



Alice Lazarus is a Cape-Town-based actress.  She has been trained both at UCT, in Cape Town and at the Lee Strasberg Institute, in NYC. Alice is strong in the humour department and is fond of blowing socks off. 

She is loud, Jewish and tall.

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CLORETS LABOUR - Dir. Karien Cherry

TVC Highlights

2019 XARELTO USA - Dir. Cole Webley (Sanctuary)

2019 HOMANN Germany - Dir. Joachim Nielsen (Wunderfilm)

2019 WHIRLPOOL Worldwide - Dir. Nicole Ackermann (Romance)

2018 KNOPPERS Germany - Dir. Marten Persiel (Big Fish)

2018 HEINEKEN Worldwide - Dir. Bobbsey Twins (Wink)

2018 SUNNY INSURANCE UK - Dir. Ben Gregor  (Knucklehead)

2018 CLORETS GUM South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt & Thailand - Dir. Karien Cherry (Giant)

2017 ALLIANCE Switzerland - Dir. Anton Rolino (Skinny)

2017 LIPTON USA & CANADA - Dir. thirtytwo (Pulse Films)   

2017 NINTENDO SWITCH  Europe incl. Russia, Turkey, South Africa, USA, Canada - Dir. Julien Roussiaux (The Jacks)   

2017  LAYS CHIPS Worldwide - Dir. Oskar Bard (Hobby)

2017  COOP Switzerland - Dir. Greg Bray (Mad Cow)

2017  FERRERO Germany - Dir. Tim Stoffel (Trinity)

Voice Highlights

Dubbing roles:

  • Yashouora in Yahaan - Seasons 1, 2, 3

  • Jumpa Lahiri Sharma in Hitler Didi - Season 2

  • Kareena in Kareena Kareena - 20 episodes

  • Aasiya in movie Raees

  • The mother in movie Aur Pyaar Ho

Radio commercials:

Mr D, Bonaqua, Reeds, Western Cape Gov Arrive Alive campaign (in American accent), Savana Dry, Oral B. 


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Education and Training

I have been schooled a-plenty - from my Bachelors degree in Drama from UCT to my method acting diploma from the Lee Strasberg Institute, NYC.  Take a look at my skills and accolades in the link below:

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For my full printable resume click on the link below:



The next Daniel Day Lewis
— Iram Qureshi, Newspaper Editor & Mother of two
Alice was outstanding in that film by that director of that other very sad film where that person dies.
— Patrick Marino, Nurse & Father of three
She is a timely and attentive lover
— Deanne Franzen, Lawyer & Mother of one
It’s about time we had a super tall vibrant young woman burst into the international acting scene
— Yosuke Inoue, Advertising Executive & Father of two


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